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Megara (Meg)| Pink-Air | TGB by AutumnBells
Megara (Meg)| Pink-Air | TGB
Thanks to the amazing rickatie for drawing my app art for me! 

[ Name ] 
Megara (meh-ga-ra) 

[ Meaning ] 

[ Kit Name ]
[ Nicknames ]

[ Age ] 
9 Season Cycles 

[ Gender ] 

[ Tribe ] 

[Breed ]
Balinese, Siamese, Siberian, American Shorthair

[ Rank ] 
Bone Crafter Apprentice

[ Mentor ]

[ Apprentice ] 

[ Soulbond ] 

[ Sexuality ]
Undecided (Romance really isn’t on her radar right now)

[ Personality ] 
{ Stubborn – Sarcastic/Churlish - Shy – Ardent - Caring – Loyal }

Shown Traits (Her “Shield”): 
{ Stubborn- :bulletred: } “I am not doing that.”
Meg refuses to go outside of her comfort zone. It’s as simple as that. So if someone tries to do something that makes her uncomfortable or would reveal her shy nature, the Pink-Air digs her heels in until the other party finally either gives up and leaves, or gives up and lets her have her way. This, however, is a trait that extends past just being her defensive shell. No matter how comfortable she is with a cat, she will always dig her heels in if she doesn’t want to do something. The only exception to this would be if it were a cat of authority, though she still might complain to show she is unhappy with the situation.

{ Sarcastic/Churlish- :bulletred: } ”Yeah, whatever. .That’s great.. I’m gonna go now, `kay? Bye.”
Another piece to her shell, Meg tends to speak in a harsh manner. Since her shyness makes her whisper (or at least speak in a hushed voice) whenever she speaks, the Pink-Air has found a loophole that will allow her to speak quietly without looking like a wimp. She, instead, will grumble and mumble and speak sarcastically. But when her shyness begins to get the better of her, she begins to get short with the other party, retreating deeper into her shell. If her level of shy discomfort continues to grow, she eventually flees, disguising the act as giving the other cat the brush-off. 

Hidden Traits:
{ Shy- :bulletred: } ”S-so.. so what? I’m Shy. …I just can’t help it..”
She may act tough and insouciant, but in reality, Meg is shy to the point that it is detrimental to her social life. Is most likely that she became this way because growing up she only really interacted with her Grammy Ceana and, on occasion, her father. The fact that her mother and father weren’t around when she was growing up also played a part in creating her shy nature, since having unsecured relations to parents can often create anxiety and shyness in young children. Meg hates her shy nature because she sees it as making her appear weak and unappealing to others. Once she started meeting other cats, she quickly found a solution to this problem: act tough like her Grammy Ceana. This became her “shield”, which she raises whenever interacting with cats she was unfamiliar with. Meg figured that plenty of cats like and respected Grammy Ceana, so if she acted like her Grammy cats would feel the same way about her. Her shyness makes her blush and/or grow hot under her pelt, whisper, stammer, and, after reaching certain levels of discomfort, tremble. 

{ Ardent- :bulletgreen: } ”Don’t just sit there, let’s get this done!”
When Meg sets out to do something, she puts everything she’s got into the task ahead of her. She figures- if you’re going to do something, then at least do your best. She’ll try her hardest and make sure the task gets done, no matter what it takes.

{ Caring- :bulletgreen: } ”Hey… are you alright? …Is there anything I can do to help?”
Despite her shy nature, she will always push aside her initial discomfort in order to help a cat in need. If a cat is crying or hurt, her shy nature will curb itself in order to allow her to offer comfort and care for a hurting soul. Whether they need an ear, a shoulder or a comforting cuddle or grooming session, Meg is willing to be what the other cat needs. But as soon as they feel up to par, Meg’s shyness returns and her shield goes back up. Every time and without fail.

{ Loyal- :bulletgreen: } "That cat's my friend and I'd never betray them!"
If you are lucky enough to earn Meg’s affection and loyalty, then you’ve got it for life (or until you prove that you don’t deserve it). It takes a while, but eventually- if she likes you enough- the Pink-Air will entrust her faith and loyalty in another cat. And her loyalty is strong. Meg would do anything for those whom have earned her loyalty- she’d lie, she’d cheat- if she both loves and feels loyal to a cat, she might even kill for them if it was required of her.

[ History ] { Birth/Early Kithood - It Started with a Storm - Where’s Waldo? – Over the River and Through the Woods }
Birth/Early Kithood
Aine’s grandparents met and fell in love at the end of their apprenticeship. They were from different Tribes and wanted to be able to live side by side without losing the color from their tattoos, so they joined Alriyel and his cause. But when they realized that the Golden Butterfly was growing reckless and power-hungry, they felt it best to flee the Tribelands. Eventually they had Aine’s mother, Lira and her sister, Maya. Maya, being a restless soul, left as soon as she was old enough to travel on her own. When Lira grew older, she met a rogue named Oliver. They quickly became friends, and even more quickly they realized they wanted to be more. They wanted to start a family together. Unfortunately genetics were not on their side. Oliver’s family had a history of toms that had difficulty reproducing, and it was a full season-cycle before Lira finally became pregnant, and when she finally did, They were only able to produce one kitten. But that was plenty enough for them. They named the kitten Aine, and they loved her dearly. Not long after Lira kitted, her father had a confrontation with a fox while out hunting one night. The fox won, leaving her mother Ceana as a widow. 

It Started with a Storm
When Aine was roughly five weeks old, a fierce hurricane hit the region. Her mother had been out stretching her prior to its beginning, hunting and trying to unwind after a long day tending to Aine- who was due to begin weaning soon- in the nest. The storm hit quickly, and since their nest wasn’t protected by anything sturdy, Aine’s father whisked the kitten away to a safer location, bringing Ceana with them. He went out and tried to find Lira before the storm grew too harsh, but the search was unsuccessful. He returned to the shelter reluctantly. 

Where’s Waldo?
As soon as the hurricane calmed down, he went out to search once again. There was still no sign of her. Again and again he searched until he finally found a tuft of her fur in a bush by a stream, which was swollen with rainwater. He refused to believe she’d drowned- after all, everyone knew she was a strong swimmer. After debating over it for a few days, he finally decided to follow the river in search of her. He swore that he’d find her if it killed him. 

Over the River and Through the Woods
He entrusted Aine to his mate’s mother, telling them he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to return, and then left them, Hell-bent on finding his missing mate. Aine missed them for the first few moons, but eventually grew used to their absence. Her dad visited once after he’d left on his search. He’d been backtracking and therefore was close enough to them to come and say “hi” and see how Aine was doing. But after that he left them again. As she and her grandmother lived together, they forged a very strong bond with one another. After all, the only family they had left to hold on to was one another. A moon later, they found a rogue waiting by their nest. It was a rogue Aine’s father had met on his travels named Brock, and he had sent Brock to tell them that he’d found a tuft of hair in a patch of briars with Lira’s stale scent. Aine and Grammy Ceana were enthralled. Up until then, they’d given up hope on her mother’s survival, but this message had rekindled it. But their joy didn’t last long. 

When the next moon rolled around- right around the time Aine got her tattoo- their territory was compromised. It seemed Brock wasn’t a very trustworthy tom. He’d brought his family- whom had been searching for a new home- and took their small but prey-packed territory from them by force. Uprooted from their home, the two she-cats tried to relocate. But everywhere they went, there was no room for them. Aine and Grammy Ceana were too weak to take their territory back. Grammy was growing frailer in her age and Aine was young and without training. They had no idea where Aine's father was. What were they going to do?

It was then that her Grandmother realized where they could go. A place that, by now, might be safe: the Tribes. While travelling, Grammy Ceana told her all about the tribes and the Spirits. She told her about Alriyel, as well- a great cat with good ideas that had let his ambition and pain get the better of him. After many moons, they thought they'd finally arrived in the Tribelands. But after looking around, they quickly found there were no Tribes to be seen. After asking around, they discovered that the Tribes had relocated since Grammy Ceana and Pappy Prerak had left, and were soon one their way again.

When they finally did reach the Tribes, Grammy brought Aine to Air-Tribe. Neither of them would ever forgot the moment the Silver-Air bent down and whispered her true name in her ear and her tattoo turned Pink. But after Meg was accepted, her Grammy left to live in the outskirts. Since she’d followed Alriyel, she felt unable to live under Tribe rule, again.

At the time, neither of them knew that Alriyel had recently returned. If they’d known, Grammy Ceana wouldn't have left Meg in the Tribe’s care. She’d have taken her far, far away from the Tribes and from the inevitable dangers of Alriyel's presence. 

[ Skills ] 
{ Secondary }

[ Family ]
{ Mother - Lira -Grey-Water – Whereabouts Unknown }
{ Father - Oliver - Black-Air – Whereabouts Unknown }
{Aunt - Maya – Grey-Water – Alive }
{ Maternal Grandmother - Ceana - Black-Light - Alive}
{ Maternal Grandfather - Prerak - Grey-Fire – Deceased }
{ Paternal Grandmother- Liza – Black-Earth – Alive }
{ Paternal Grandfather- Abraham – Black-Air – Alive } 

[ Relationships ]
:bulletblack: - Acquaintance
:bulletyellow: - Neutrality
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: - Respect
:bulletblue: - Like/Friend
:bulletgreen: - Good friend
:bulletpink: - Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: - Lust
:bulletpurple: - Love
:bulletred: Discomfort/Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: - Hate
:bulletwhite: - Fear
:bulletorange: - Soulbond
:heart: - Mate/Family
P/D - Post-Departure

{ - - - }

[ Other Tidbits ]
-That hard outer shell was something she learned from her Grammy
-That outer shell hiding her sweet side is why I chose her name meaning “Pearl”. You can’t tell something as beautiful as a pearl is inside a clam until you open it’s shell. 
-She goes by her self-proclaimed nickname “Meg”, finding the entire name “Megara” somewhat unappealing. 
-She is closer to her Grammy than her parents
-She would hate for someone to find out just how shy she is because it embarrasses her

[ Meg's Playlist ] (Songs that sound like the character or sound like they would listen to them)
-Top of the World by Greek Fire
-Ghost by By Mystery Skulls
-Perfect by P!nk
-Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
-Voodoo Doll by 5SOS
-Die Young by Ke$ha
-Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
-We Are Who We Are by Ke$ha

[ Likes ]
- Nature (The Woods, especially)
-Her Grammy
-Reptiles, bugs, bats, owl, and other cool night creatures

[ Dislikes ]
-Crowds, Introductions & conversing with strangers—they all make her nervous.
-Spiders and centi/millipedes (those bugs are scary and gross to her)
-Her shyness

[ Wants ]
-To find a friend that she won’t feel nervous talking to
-To know where her parents are, though she doesn’t really miss them very much
-Her Grammy to join the Tribes, but she keeps resisting the invitation 

[ Roleplay Example ]
(This is the introduction post from a 1x1 between me and Birdii for Althaia and Lyanna.)

[Orange-Earth | Althaia | Lifespring Pond]

Althaia yawned whole-heartedly, stretching as she basked in the burning sun's glow. She was laying in a pool of water she had cut off from the rest of the spring with a wall of rocks and foliage, creating a shallower, smaller water body that would heat up due to its placement in particularly sunny spot. The water reached halfway up her laying body, and was big enough to be comfortable in whilst sprawled out in it. Around her shredded herbs floated, allowing their oils to scent the warm isolated pool. 
Around her nature was in full swing, despite the horrors that had taken place at the previous Gathering. 
In fact, that was why she was here. 
What had happened had been shocking to the Orange-Earth. It had been her very first gathering, and that was what she had been presented with. Since then, she'd heard lots about these "Golden Butterflies". 
Things she didn't like. 
Things that scared her. 
She'd never been told about the original Golden Butterfly in her youth. All she had heard in relation to him was that someone had tried to kill the Light-Spirit many, many seasons ago. She'd not been told who it had been. So the story had been shoved upon her, and the gravity of the situation then gained weight as it bared over her. Althaia had grown especially scared and stressed in the last few of days.
And this is what she did whenever she wanted to unwind. The Orange-Earth would have done this sooner, had she been able to muster the courage before now. The she-cat knew the Golden Butterflies were wandering the territories and had been scared of running into them since they had announced they would be doing so at the Gathering. 
A light, airy sigh flowed out from between Althaia's jaws as she soaked in the gentle warmth and breathed in the herbs' calming aroma. A light smile found her face as she breathed out and found serenity.

Althaia © AutumnBells 
Formatting © Sophister 
TGB © Admins
My Dad is awesome, m`kay?
Bought me a wacom Intuos Tablet from my 17th Birthday. 
Serious props to him. It's a nice one. 
Althaia Anthro sketch by AutumnBells
Althaia Anthro sketch
I haven't  drawn Tgb art since he last assignment... Since my tablet broke. I did traditional art.. After so long. ouo
ermahgersh how to hand? HoW to boot? OTL
althaia (c) mine
tgb (c) it's admins
To those getting messages that yesterday was my birthday, that is a mistake in my account information. My real birthday is November 22nd. Thanks~
MLP Point Adoptables (9/9 Open) by AutumnBells
MLP Point Adoptables (9/9 Open)
Alright I've decided to try my hand at adoptables. I did MLP ones because that's what I felt like doing... probably going to do cat ones, next (for TGB). 
The prices are beside the ponies.
*Once you buy it, you may change it however you'd like. Just credit me with the original design and link to my account so that my adopts may get some attention.
*I left the name and cutiemark blank.. that's all up to you.
*Please wait until I confirm your purchase before you send over the points.
*If you'd like to place one on hold, let me know... but send over 5 points (this is a fraction of the displayed value, not extra) so I know you're serious about coming back for it. 
*Critiques are welcome, but please no "ITS AWFUL YOU STICK AT THIS". If you don't like something, please just let me know kindly so I can make better adopts the next time. 
*Thanks for your interest!

1. OPEN!!
2. OPEN!!
3. OPEN!!
4. OPEN!!
5. OPEN!!
6. OPEN!!
7. OPEN!!
8. OPEN!!
9. OPEN!!

These adoptables desings (c) Me
Earth-Pony Lineart (c) Mako-Zune
Pegusus Lineart (c) Plaguedog
I am in the market
to have someone draw/design a cat for me/my friend.
My friend is making her fursona and needs help... and I can't really draw right now because I currently don't have a tablet. The colors and such don't have to be realistic.
Whoever does it I guess would stream with us and then brainstorm with her to create her fursona....
I have 85 points to spend...
Are any of you interested?
If so
name your price below and link me to some of your work. 
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